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What is so special with russian women and what is it with russian brides that makes western men so crazy about them? Is it true that russian girls doesn’t care to much about a mans age. And are ukrainian women the most beautiful in the world?

Why online dating with russian women?

The urge of finding women from Russia & Ukraine grows for each day. Since the start of eastcupid back in 2002 the member attendence has been growing steady & today we are more then 30.000 members. And more then half of them are russian women & russian brides.

This makes us one of Europes largest dating sites between Russian women & European men.

Secure online dating with russian women

Well as most larger dating sites we also suffer from unserious russian women pretending to be someone they are not.

This is why we always try to remind our members to never get to envolved or send money to other members until they have met in real life.

We work daily with site protection and antiscam policy to make ukrainian brides hot club a safe envoirment for our users.

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