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Russian women the phenomenon

Many russian women try to meet a serious, stable and honest man like most women would. The problem for many russian women is that there isn’t enough men in their own countries. And many of their men have allot of problems with alcohol and violence.

So therefore many russian women starts to look abroad for a husband. Western men have a very good reputation in the former Soviet union and the dating industry between east and west has been going on for at least 15 years and is still growing.

Why western men wants to find russian brides

The reason why so many western men wants to find a russian bride is a bit more complex. In fact most men we talk to claim that its more or less impossible to find a woman in thier own country. We have heard some comment that if you are a divorced man with children then you’re more or done in the intress of dating with local women.

One other reason is that allot of women in the western countries are not so interested in a family life any longer. Their own careers are more importent and some men find this hard as they have different goals.

A third reason is also the age factor. If you passed 40 then its really hard to find someone since age seems to be important to be equal in a relationship in the western world.

Age is not a problem for russian women

To be 10-15 years older then a woman in russia or ukraine is not a problem. In fact many women wants to find an older man because of their experience and goals of life are different from a younger man. As long as a man takes good care of him self then his age is not even important is an answer we often get from our women.

Family is most important

Russian women try to focus on the family more and they don’t give up on a relationship as easy as western women. To divorce or to separate is the easy way out is a common thought among russian women and for most women is it more important to have a functional family then to have a career. Of course the optional is to have both.

Willing to relocate

Most russian women are willing to relocate if they find someone special. But it can take time. It is a huge step to move and it’s important to know that the relationship is stable and secure before such a move. We usually recommend our men to actually travel allot to Ukraine or Russia to meet the person they fell in love with before even considering moving. Get to know her family well and make sure that you have a good plan for her when she comes to lives with you. Moving to an other country is a huge thing for anyone.


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