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Russian women are looking for serious men from western Europe and you are invited to meet them. started in 2008 and has grown to become one of Europes biggest and most serious dating sites between east and west. Not only do we grow for each day with more and more members joining from all over Europe and former Soviet union. We also have a high range of members who actually meet in real life.

Invited to several weddings

During the years of eastcupid we have had the privilege to attend several weddings. One was held in Nikolaev in the south of Ukraine where we got to know Jimmy from Norway and Marina from Ukraine who had found each other trough our site.

We hope to attend more weddings in the future and we are very glad whenever someone tells us they met trough our site.

Russian women online

Many people wonder if internet is so widely spread in Russia & Ukraine like it is in other parts of Europe. In fact most people have their own computer and a fast internet connection. And since the start of eastcupid back in 2008 we noticed that more and more women are using internet daily and often. This is why we have such a fast growing speed and why so many people find each other trough our services.

Take the chance - find someone special

If you so far only thought about meeting a russian woman then try to take it one step further. Start communicate. In fact most of our members would agree on that women from russia are more social and open then women in other countries of Europe. On dating sites they more often respond to letters and are more likely to invite you to a personal meeting.

So say good bey to those endless hours you spent on your local dating site and welcome a new way to date into your life. You will find out that dating can be fun and dating with russian women is even better.


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What is so special with russian women and what is it with russian brides that makes western men so crazy about them? Is it true that russian girls doesn’t care to much about a mans age. And are ukrainian women the most beautiful in the world? Russian women, russian girls your russian brides…

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Many russian women try to meet a serious, stable and honest man like most women would. The problem for many russian women is that there isn’t enough men in their own countries. And many of their men have allot of problems with alcohol and violence.

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